Siegfried Petersen Scholarship


The application must be received in the Bennett School District Office by noon on March 22, 2024. Please postmark by March 15th to insure delivery.

Recipients of the scholarship will receive notification of their selection by May 15, 2024.

Terms & Conditions

The Siegfried Petersen Educational Trust Committee shall annually grant a minimum of three scholarships as follows:

  1. To at least two needy recipients of good moral character who reside in the Bennett Community School District as it was defined in August 1994.
  2. To at least one needy recipient of good moral character who is a resident of Cedar County.

The recipient shall be a person who shows a desire to improve his or her station in life through education and would return those benefits to the community.  It is not necessary that the recipient be a top scholar or athlete.  He or she should be a good citizen who expresses a desire to lead a life of service to our community and our country.

The recipient may pursue any course of studies, undergraduate or graduate level, at any educational organization, which normally maintains a regular faculty and curriculum (colleges, universities, nursing schools, technical schools, etc.) public or private.  The recipient must be enrolled in a minimum of a one-year program.

Recipients and non-recipients are welcome to reapply each year.  Finalists may be required to have an interview with the committee.

The recipient’s will receive payment of one-half the scholarship amount at the start of the fall semester of enrollment.  If the student remains in good standing, the second one-half of the scholarship will be sent to the student at the start of the second semester.